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Skid-Steer/Loader Training

This certificate program is suited for experienced operators that have never been previously certified or require a renewal of their existing certificate to comply with Legislation, Standards and Guidelines.

Theory: 4 Hour Session (Depending on Application)

  •  Introduction
  •  Review of Legislation, Standards and Guidelines
  •  Overview of Controls, Warning Devices and Safety Equipment
  •  Pre-Operational Inspection, Mounting and Startup Procedures
  •  Safe Work Area (Environmental hazards, power lines, terrain, etc.)
  •  Capacities of Equipment and Attachments
  •  General Safety Guidelines (Working on/near banks, slopes etc.)
  •  Correct Procedures for Loading of various materials
  •  Piling or grading as required (sand, stone, earth, concrete)
  •  Loading/Unloading Procedures
  •  Fuel Source
  •  Summary/Written Test

Practical: (Conducted Individually and should be site specific)

Practical evaluations require up to one hour per person (Depending on application) or more for newer operators and are conducted in actual work environment whenever possible.

  •  Pre-Operational Check
  •  Starting, Stopping, Steering
  •  Accurate Maneuvering
  •  Loading/Unloading
  • Roll Over Protective    Structure (ROPS)

  •  Signs, Hand Signals

  •  Fuel Source

  •  Competency Test

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