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Crane Operator Training

This full certificate program is suitable for experienced or inexperienced operators of industrial type cranes. The program may be tailored to address the specific needs of each application as required.

Theory: 4.5 Hour Session (Depending on Application)

  •  Introduction
  •  Definitions and Terminology
  •  Explanation of Legislation, Standards and Guidelines New CSA B167-08
  •  Pre-Operational Inspection (In-Class and On-Floor)
  •  Basic Principles
  •  Slings, Attachments, and Lifting Hardware
  •  Safe Operating Guidelines
  •  Pedestrian Safety
  •  Load Turning and Hand Signals
  •  Summary
  •  Written Test

Practical: (Conducted Individually)

Practical evaluations require up to one hour per person (Depending on application) or more for newer operators and are conducted in actual work environment whenever possible.

  •  Pre-Operational Check
  •  Inspections Of Slings, Hardware
  •  Planning The Lift
  •  Slinging/Rigging
  •  Hitches And Angles
  •  Taking Out Load Swing
  •  Turning Of Loads
  •  Competency Test
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